Full Tilt Poker Promotion - Progressive Jackpots

Get $600 Free Bonus

Tournaments at Full Tilt poker have always been a major attraction. That’s probably why they go through a lot of trouble to keep things that way. There are all sorts of promotions involving tournaments and satellites at this online poker room, but one of the most interesting ones, is the Daily Double with progressive jackpots.

Full Tilt has a couple of “Daily Double” tournaments each day, and the buy-ins are sized so that they look absolutely inviting, for all players, no matter what limits/stakes they play at. The more players there are in the two tourneys, the bigger the jackpot for the following day will be. The buyins are $10+$2 and one dollar from every single player who buys in, goes on to the following day’s jackpot. That way, not only will the promotion never run out of money to give away, it has the potential to provide larger jackpots as it gets more and more popular.
In order to qualify for this promotion, you have to register for both tournaments, which start just 2 minutes from one another.

The great thing about this whole setup is that you don’t even have to actually win both these tourneys. If you manage to finish ITM (in the money), in both of them, you get 3% of the jackpot. Now then, 3% may look small on paper, but depending on how many people there are in the game, and how many there were the day before, it can actually reach a pretty nice sum. 
As the best “combined finisher”, you’ll receive 2% of the jackpot (if you’re 1st in one and 5th in the other, your combined finishing place is 3).
If you make it to the final table in both tourneys, 20% of the daily jackpot is yours. Obviously, if you manage to win both tourneys, you get a whopping 75% which is – needless to say – quite a sack of cash.

If you like playing in low buy-in tourneys, why not play in the Daily Doubles? The added benefits certainly say you should…