Poker Freerolls and Satellites – Multi Table Tournaments

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Multi Table Tournaments
Multi Table Tournaments, also known as MTTs, are poker tourneys, which feature several tens, hundreds, or even thousands of seats. In online poker, you’ll come across some very small MTTs (a couple of tables) as well as massive ones, in which sometimes more than 2,000 poker players go up against each-other.

Most online freerolls are featured in a multi-table format, seldom if ever will you ever see single table freerolls (I haven’t yet seen one, but in theory, some poker rooms could feature such promotions for a small number of high-rollers).
Prestigious live poker events (like the WSOP) are also MTTs. This is just about the only format they could possibly feature, because of the large number of entrants.
MTTs are generally the most accessible games in online poker rooms. They feature small buy-ins, small tourney fees, and a good return for good tournament players. Several places are paid, and once a player lands in the money (ITM) he will certainly more than double up.

Massive MTTs feature generally poor competition early on, (massive freerolls are downright abysmal) thus offering better players reasonably good odds to make money.
Despite their huge popularity, multi table tournaments are certainly not among the best ways to earn money playing poker. Texas Hold’em, especially its online version, features a relatively high variance, and the luck factor plays a pretty big role in it, too. This is the reason why it is so difficult to beat rookies in the short-run. Good poker players usually need a longer period of time to sink their edges in, and beat the variance. MTTs will certainly allow players to take it slow and let rookies have it, however, most of the time, because of the sheer amount of competition, good players will find it extremely difficult to hang around long enough to assert their dominance.

If you go up on a near coin-flip several times in a row, chances are you’ll lose sooner or later.
This is why, in order to clinch in an ITM spot in MTTs, skill is not enough. One needs to be extremely lucky, as well.

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