Learn Texas Hold'em

Practice Texas Holdem

If Texas Holdem could run for office tomorrow, it would probably win the election; that's how popular the poker game is right now. It might not be the best analogy but you get the idea. Texas Holdem poker is popular and has a lot of power.

Holdem Poker's a Hit Holdem poker is fueling a surge by the public to engage in gaming. The business of Texas Hold'em is generating hundreds of millions of dollars for land casinos, online casinos and poker rooms, as well as poker rooms in pari-mutual facilities and Indian casinos. Texas Holdem is also providing at least three television networks with a bona fide ratings hit, ESPN, The Travel Channel and Bravo, while making legitimate celebrities out of normal down to earth poker players like Annie Duke and Phil Helmuth, who has his own syndicated newspaper column, amongst many other things. Not to mention, Holdem Poker is providing many people with a pretty good living. Playing Holdem competitively is a growing profession, believe it or not.

Holdem the game is as complicated as it is simple. Fundamentally, it's easy to learn Texas Hold'em, fun to play and not hard to get into, thus its enormous popularity. It can be played almost anywhere as long as there are at least two players and a deck of cards. Of course the more players the better, if you're gambling and want higher pots, or if you simply want entertainment, the more the merrier. Ultimately, Texas Holdem boils down to a lot of luck, which also explains the fascination with the sport. Anybody can win at any given time.

Become a Pro at Texas Holdem So what makes the professionals stand above the amateurs? Well, two things mainly, training and discipline. Holdem professionals have played so many hands of poker they probably go to sleep counting Aces and Kings jumping over a fence. Poker pros probably have the sound of casinos embedded in their heads because they've spent so much time in casinos.

Pros spend their whole lives around the game and over time they've come to master it. The first thing a pro knows is discipline. They have a Texas Hold em strategy and then apply the strategy to fit their own unique style which they've developed over thousands of hands of playing. Pros train themselves to be disciplined when it comes to betting, bluffing, and folding.