Worst Blackjack Strategies


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Many blackjack players are well aware that strategy gives them a much better chance to earn profits. By using correct blackjack strategy, players can drop the house edge down to 0.5% - or even lower if house rules permit. But the key word in all of this is "correct" strategy because most players fail to make the right moves. Even worse is when players follow completely wrong strategies and give the house a huge edge. This being said, let's look at some of the worst blackjack strategies available.

1. Mimicking the Dealer

Quite possibly the worst blackjack strategy ever is mimicking the dealer. This involves trying to get at least a score of 17 no matter what the dealer's upcard may be. The idea here is to play exactly like the dealer because casinos have an advantage in blackjack. However, anybody who attempts to mimic the dealer is making a huge mistake since the house acts last in every hand. That said, if you bust in a hand first, it doesn't matter what the dealer does afterward, which is where their advantages comes in. Assuming you mimic the dealer on every hand, the house gains a 5.5% advantage.

2. Trying to get close to 21

Many beginning players fall victim to the fallacy that good blackjack strategy revolves around reaching 21 - or at least getting as close to it as possible. Since 21 is the best blackjack score available, it seems to make sense that you want to get close to 21. However, the reality is that your moves should be dependant on the dealer's upcard and your score total, rather than aiming for a specific score.

3. Card counting when you don't really know how

One of the most attractive fantasies in all of gambling involves card counting because professional players use this technique to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. However, card counting is an extremely difficult skill to master, and it takes months of dedication and training. Taking all of this into account, you should never approach card counting half-heartedly because it'll cost you lots of money.

The best way to play blackjack is to memorize a strategy chart (or take it with you) because these contain all of the correct moves in each situation. And if you're using any of the aforementioned strategies, stop doing so now!