Live Dealer Blackjack Strategy


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While online blackjack and live dealer blackjack share many similarities, they're also very different from each other in some regards. As you can see here, live dealer games are pretty close to a land-based casino atmosphere, while online blackjack games are totally computerized. Taking this key difference into account, let's look at how your live dealer blackjack strategy should change from traditional online blackjack strategy.

Deal with the Distractions

Perhaps the biggest challenge you'll face in live dealer games involves trying to keep focus while seeing a beautiful female dealer across the table. After all, the big draw to live dealer blackjack (for many males) is that you get to chat with hot ladies while playing, so don't be surprised when there's a gorgeous woman dealing cards. Do keep in mind though that it's important not to let a good-looking dealer hurt your chances of making good decisions.

Don't lose sight of your Bankroll

Expanding on the first point about not being distracted by pretty dealers, it's also crucial not to let simple bankroll management tactics slip either. Sure there'll be times when you get caught up in the live casino atmosphere and lose track of how your bankroll is looking, but the key is to prevent these lapses as much as possible. Furthermore, set up win and loss limits for your play to avoid being on the tables too long. Assuming you have a $100 bankroll, your win limit could be $40 while your loss limit might be $50.

Leave Card Counting for the Casino

In theory, live dealer blackjack presents the perfect opportunity to count cards because the staff can't physically throw you out of the casino. Additionally, since live dealer games are featured in a land-based casino atmosphere, you should be able to count cards and spread your bets. However, live casinos know this all too well, so they shuffle decks in the middle of the shoe to prevent deck penetration. In other words, you can't have much confidence in your count because the shoes are being reshuffled so fast; this all leads to a bad environment for card counting.

But don't let any of this stop you from enjoying live dealer blackjack because it's a great way to put a new twist on your typical online blackjack experience.