Casino Win and Loss Limits


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Much is made about properly managing your casino bankroll because doing so can help you become a very successful gambler. Unfortunately, bankroll management isn't exactly easy because there are a lot of emotions involved with casino games. With this being the case, it's really important that you set a win and loss limit before playing games because it helps tremendously with bankroll management. 

What are Win and Loss Limits?

Simply put, win and loss limits are points at which you stop playing casino games for the session/night; in most cases, these limits are measured by monetary values. For example, if you set a loss limit of $100, you would quit the session as soon as you accumulated $100 in total losses. Likewise, if you set a win limit of $75, you'd cut a session short after winning $75 more than what you started with.

The size of your win and loss limits depends on a multitude of factors. Some aspects you need to consider are stakes, bankroll size, the game(s) being played, and the amount of time you wish to play. For instance, if you have a $1,000 bankroll and make $25 bets, your stop and loss limits are going to be a little higher than the player who has a $100 bankroll and makes $5 bets. Beyond all of this, there is no set win and loss limit; you just have to look at your own situation and go from there.

Sticking to Win and Loss Limits

Just like anything else in bankroll management, sticking to win and loss limits isn't exactly easy. Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to aid the process. The first involves only bringing the exact amount of money you need to the casino to satisfy the loss limit. For instance, if your casino bankroll was worth $300, but your loss limit was $75, you'd just bring $75 along. 

Another tip worth keeping in mind is to reward yourself after sticking with win/loss limits. For instance, after every session where you follow your limits, you could go get your favorite food. Sure this sounds cheesy, but there's not a whole lot of other effective ways to keep to a limit besides your own will power. Assuming you are able to stay on course with win and loss limits, you stand a much better chance of eventually winning casino profits.