World's Top Gambling Countries


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Many countries around the world love playing games of chance because of the thrills and excitement they offer. However, some nations take their love of casino gambling a little too far and wager more than they can handle. That said, it's worth taking a look at the top gambling countries....or should we say biggest degenerate nations.

1. Australia

If there's one truth in this world, it's that Aussies love to gamble. In fact, the average Australian adult loses almost $1,300 per year while playing casino games. Sports betting is one of the biggest sources of wagering in the Land Down Under since Aussies bet heavily on football and rugby. Slots games (a.k.a. pokies) are also widely played throughout casinos here.

2. Singapore

It's only been a couple of years since Singapore opened itself up to casino gaming. And amazingly, they're already the second biggest nation in terms of gambling losses since the average adult loses almost $1,200 per year. Singapore residents play so many casino games that the island city-state is already set to pass Las Vegas' gaming revenue in the near future.

3. Ireland

The phrase "luck of the Irish" must not apply to gambling because the average adult here drops $588 annually on casino games. Sure this is a far cry from what those in Australia and Singapore lose, but it's still the third most in the world. You can only expect to see further growth here since a major casino complex is currently being constructed in Tipperary.

4. Canada

The Great White North has developed an affinity for lottery games and the slots. This has contributed to the average Canadian losing $568 per year on games of chance. In terms of the masses, this translates to over 75% of Canadians gambling in some form or another. Canada residents get started early too because many parents like to put lottery tickets in their kids' Christmas stockings.

5. Finland

Before 2011, a 15-year-old could play slots games, which is incredibly young when looking at the gambling laws of other countries. Perhaps this is why they rank fifth on our list with the average resident losing $553 per year on casino games. However, Finland recently increased the age limit for slots to 18 years old.