Staying Safe in Casinos


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Casinos often draw out-of-town visitors and people who've got plenty of money. And this mixture is pretty tempting to robbers who sometimes try to rip off casino patrons. Obviously being robbed in or around a casino would be devastating, which is why it's worth discussing some tips for staying safe when gambling.

Tip #1: Travel with at least One Other Person

When you go to casinos alone, it makes you that much more susceptible to the dangers that lurk in these establishments. Popular places for thieves to hide include dark parking garages, elevators and bathrooms. Poker pro Scott Montgomery was recently robbed at knifepoint in a Las Vegas bathroom when he went in alone. Long story short, hang out in casinos with at least one friend or more so you're less likely to be targeted.

Tip #2: Keep an Eye on your Chips

The most common way to get ripped off in a gambling establishment involves somebody else stealing your chips. Oftentimes, players are focusing so hard on casino games that they neglect to think about somebody taking their chips. But this is exactly what can happen if you don't keep them nearby and in your line of sight.

Tip #3: Don't carry Cash and Chips

If you really want to cut down on the chances of getting mugged, avoid carrying large amounts of chips and/or cash with you; instead, see if casinos will extend credit to you. Assuming you win, request a check payout so that you don't have to lug around a bunch of cash/chips. If somebody were to rob you, they have a much smaller chance of cashing the check.

Tip #4: Avoid Ladies of the Night

In major gambling destinations like Las Vegas and Macau, prostitution is a big industry because call girls are everywhere. Unfortunately, not all of these prostitutes are looking to live up to their part of the bargain and instead want to rob the eager client. So if moral obligations don't keep you away from prostitutes, perhaps the fear of being held at gunpoint or jumped by colluding thugs will change your mind.

Tip #5: Don't draw Attention to yourself

It's never a great idea to draw attention to yourself in casino settings - especially when you're winning! You never know who could be watching and picking out their next victim, so be discreet about your business in casinos.