Las Vegas a Better Tourism Draw than Macau?

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There's no denying that Macau is the world's largest casino gaming destination since they generate over five times the annual revenue that second place Las Vegas does. But despite their massive profits, an emeritus professor from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas strongly believes that Vegas is a far superior tourism destination.

More than Just Gaming

William Thompson spent a long time observing the world gaming industry during his lengthy stint at UNLV. And one chief aspect that he's always noticed about Las Vegas is their diversification away from the casino tables.

Unlike Macau, Sin City has spent considerable time developing their non-gaming activities such as nightclubs, fine dining and shopping. Of course, this isn't to say that Macau has none of this, but they aren't nearly the all-around tourism destination that Vegas is. Thompson echoes this sentiment by saying, "Las Vegas has always been ahead in entertainment, shopping and all forms of tourism."

Player Fatigue

In recent months, Macau has seen a major drop in high roller players because of what's known as "player fatigue." In other words, the high rollers are getting fatigued with Macau as a gaming destination, and so they've backed off of visiting there. This is yet another sign that the Asian gambling hub needs to work on offering more than just their casino product.

Other Factors

More potential problems on the rise for Macau include the fact that several other countries in Asia are becoming reputable gaming destinations. India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore are just a few of the countries that are expanding their number of casinos to attract locals.

Moving back to the comparison between Macau and Las Vegas, it's also worth mentioning that the former severely lags behind in regards to transportation. As it currently stands, Macau visitors have a much more difficult getting around this area than people do in Vegas. So while the good times continue to roll in Macau, they've definitely got some work to do to keep their lofty position.