Sit and Go's - A Great Starting Point for New Online Poker Players


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Most beginning online poker players want to jump right into multi-table tournaments and cash games, where the big money awaits. And unfortunately, some players actually follow through with these ambitions - much to their detriment. But the truth is that there's a much better starting point for newbies, and it's not cash games or MTT's.

Instead, it's sit and go's, which are single-table tournaments that end when a single player is left. You may have already played in or heard about SNG's, but it's still worth discussing why they're so great for beginners.

A Perfect Medium

While cash games are typically the best way to earn money in online poker, they also make rough training grounds for new players. The reason why is because there's no limit to the amount of money a person could lose in these. MTT's are slightly better since you pay a single buy-in to enter, and you can't lose any more than this. However, the competition is usually pretty tough in the average MTT because of the large prizes at the top.

This brings us to SNG's, where you pay a single buy-in, just like MTT's, yet you get quicker satisfaction like cash games. Most sit and go's end within an hour or so, whereas online MTT's normally last for hours. This means that you can play quite a few SNG's each day.

Easier Competition

Just like any form of poker, SNG's feature some great players who consistently make profits. But when pitted against MTT's and cash games in comparable stakes, SNG's offer a little lighter competition.

Top poker players gravitate towards where the money is, so they're often found in mid-to-high stakes ring games and huge multi-table tournaments. And while there's plenty of money in SNG's, these just aren't as lucrative as the former two types of online poker. This breeds the perfect environment for new players who are just trying to get a handle on the game.

Serious Approach

Just because the average SNG is a bit easier than a comparable ring game or MTT doesn't mean you should take the matter lightly. That said, you definitely need to learn as much SNG poker strategy as you can.

There are plenty of articles, books, forums and training sites available for those looking to get better. New players just need to take advantage of these resources. And when learning strategy, make sure to focus on SNG's if that's what you're playing.

Assuming you put the work in, you should eventually start experiencing success in low stakes SNG's. From here, you can either branch out into cash games or MTT's, or move up in sit and go stakes.