Preparing for an Online Poker Session


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Not everything in online poker strategy has to do with what happens in the actual game. Sure it's highly critical that you be a good player if you're looking to make profits. However, there are other factors that go into poker success, including what happens before a session begins. This being said, let's take a quick look at some things that you should do to prepare for a successful online poker session.

1. Get Plenty of Sleep

You may have heard about pro players grinding for endless hours and turning profits. Of course the key word here is "pro" since these players are used to making correct decisions. But whether you're a pro or simply a beginner, you can improve your game by getting enough rest. Being well-rested helps you think clearly and make solid decisions at the online poker tables; so make sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

2. Get focused

So much of playing your best in poker revolves around being mentally prepared and focused. If you're worried about paying the bills, what your girlfriend is doing, or what you're going to eat later, you aren't mentally prepared to play poker. Take at least 5-10 minutes before a poker session to clear your mind and get focused on the game.

3. Cut out Distractions

Sometimes it can be boring when you're waiting for other players to act in poker hands. But this is also when you can watch opponents and gain important information on them for later hands. So shut the TV off, stop surfing the internet while playing, and kick your friends out before you start grinding. Doing all of this will really help you focus on poker and play your best.

4. Have Snacks Ready

If you're in the zone during a poker session, there's nothing worse than having to break this momentum because you're hungry and need to make something to eat. To avoid this scenario, keep snacks near your computer since this will help satisfy your appetite.

5. Have a Nice Office Setup

Assuming you want to become a poker pro someday, you have to treat yourself like one. And this begins and ends with having a sound office setup. By having a good poker office, you can escape the rest of the house and concentrate solely on the game at hand.