Poker Tips for Sit and Go's


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One form of online poker that's really popular among beginning players is sit and go's. These single-table tournaments not only end much quicker than the average tourney, but they're also packed with action. This being said, it's no wonder why people love playing SNG's.

And one thing that can make you love SNG's even more is when you're making profits. Now consistently earning money through SNG's takes time and work because you are competing against other players who also want to win. But the following tips should give you a nice poker strategy base for these tourneys.

Tip #1 - Play Conservatively in the Beginning

Too many poker players try to win an SNG within the first few hands. They'll make questionable all-in moves in the early going and call big raises just to get off to a good start. However, this is actually the worst time to get overly aggressive because the blinds are low and there's no pressure. If you're going to steal small pots and bluff others, the best time to do so is later in a tournament, when you need chips to combat the rising blinds.

Tip #2 - Really Pay Attention

This tip might sound cheesy and run of the mill. But it's important nonetheless because lots of beginners think that they can surf the internet, make phone calls and cook food - all while crushing SNG's. However, the reality is that you need to focus on your opponents and their tendencies throughout these tourneys, rather than distracting yourself with other matters. When watching other players, pay close attention to the range of hands they play in certain situations. By focusing in the beginning, you can pick up crucial info that'll help you later in the SNG.

Tip #3 - Don't Tighten up near the Bubble

One more big mistake that new players make is tightening up near the bubble of a sit and go just to cash. And while this might seem like the logical thing to do, it's actually a huge mistake. You never know when the money bubble is going to burst, so continually folding hands will let the blinds eat away at your stack. And while we don't advise being a maniac in the later stages, we don't recommend becoming extremely passive either. Slightly open up the range of hands you're willing to play and look for opportunities where you can steal blinds and pots in late position.

Above all, keep studying SNG tips whenever possible so that you improve and hopefully make some long-term profits down the line.