Online Poker Tournaments: The Better Choice for Prospective Pros


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Anybody who's watched the WSOP Main Event before has probably dreamed of winning big in a poker tournament. After all, the Main Event champion collects a multi-million dollar prize every year. What's more is that quite a few WPT and EPT tourneys award massive payouts to the winners too.But while live tournaments may offer the biggest prizes on average, those wanting to become a poker pro someday would be better off playing in online tourneys. Sure online poker tournaments don't have the gaudy top prizes that the live world does. But there are other reasons why players should consider choosing online tourneys, which you can see below.Reason #1 - There are no Travel Costs involvedThe most obvious advantage of internet poker tournaments is that grinders don't have to travel. Unlike live events, you don't need to get a hotel room, buy plane tickets, pay for cabs or eat out. Instead, you can play from the comfort of your own home or play anywhere else you please. And this is huge in regard to saving money and not cutting into potential profits.Reason #2 - You can Multi-TableAssuming you're a good poker player, you can increase your profit margin by playing in more tournaments. Unfortunately, live tourneys move at a pretty slow speed and it's hard to compete in many land-based events each month. Contrast this to online poker tournaments where you can play multiple events at once thanks to multi-tabling. So if there are $250k, $100k and $50k tourneys that you want to play at the same time, you can just pull them all up.Reason #3 - Online Poker Tournaments play FasterExpanding on the last point about increasing your profit margins, online poker tourneys finish up much faster. The hands play quicker and eliminations happen at a speedier pace as a result. Live tournaments, on the other hand, feature lots of breaks, there is a human dealer, and players take longer to make decisions. In the end, this all adds up to a lengthy affair that slows skilled pros down.What we've discussed so far certainly isn't meant to discourage players from taking shots in live tourneys. However, the more realistic path towards being a poker tournament pro definitely lies with online games.