How Do Casinos Make A Profit?


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It is often easy enough to see how casinos turn a profit from the different players playing the slots or even the table games. They make money off of the people who come to these establishments and lose all of their money. They make a profit by a game of pure luck and chance where as the payouts are usually lower than the money that is made by those who make a bet or a wager. Here is more information on how casinos make a profit when people who win end up putting their money right back into the machines or the table games. Here is more information on how casinos make a profit from all the money that is put back into the slot machines and at the gaming tables.

The Handle
Although there might be more terms for a handle in a casino game or table game, one thing is always certain about this is that the most important term for any and all gambling businesses is the term, handle. The handle is the total amount of all money bet. Some players will most often confuse the term of handle with the term of drop. For the casino, drop means the money or the credit that is exchanged for the chips. However, sometimes the two terms handle and drop are used interchangeably.

The House Edge
The advantage that the casino has in every bet and every game is the house edge. This advantage that the casino holds over every bet and for every game is what makes the game gambling. The bottom line is, the house edge means that the win of the casino is the net paid out to the casino after each bet is paid.

This can also be a negative amount if the casino players end up winning more than what the casino is holding in the house.

Factors That Influence The Casino Handle
One factor that influences the casino handle is the most important term for it being "time on device." This means it doesn't matter what the total bet is because if there are no players then then there are no bets and this means no handle and no profit for the casino either.

A casino will increase their income when they find certain ways not just to increase the house edge but also the average bet and the period of time every gaming device is working well. An example of this is, a casino with only 1000 gaming devices are only successful if they are always in use by people.

In short, some decisions made by the gambling casinos are created to keep the players as comfortable as possible so they will keep playing. Also, some of these decisions are made easily on casino income, as with any business model out there today.

Now that you understand more about the more important terms of a casino, the house edge and the handle, what are your chances of winning your next casino game?