French Roulette - It's Easy to find Online


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As many roulette players know, their best chance to make profits involves finding games with the lowest house edge. Unfortunately, this has always been a challenge in land-based casinos because they don't always offer roulette games with the best house edge. US casinos are notorious for this because they feature American roulette wheels, which give the house a 5.26% edge.

A 5.26% house edge definitely isn't something that you want to be dealing with because it's much worse than many games throughout the casino. So rather than playing on the American wheel, you should be playing French roulette, which we're going to discuss below.

Best Chance to win

By playing French roulette games, you'll only be facing a 1.35% house edge, which is very low. The reason why French wheels only have a 1.35% casino advantage is twofold:

1) There are only 37 numbers on the wheel and a single house-friendly 0 - as compared to American roulette, where there are 38 numbers and a house-friendly 0 and 00.

2) The La Partage rule is in effect here; La Partage awards half a player's bet back when the ball lands on 0 during an even money bet.

The only downside to French roulette is that land-based players can only find it in select European casinos. However, you don't have to settle for American roulette wheels if you're willing to look online.

Online Casinos - Your Answer for winning Big

Assuming you don't live in specific areas of Europe, your best chance to find advantageous roulette games by looking at online casinos. Many internet casinos feature French roulette because they're not afraid to offer players a really low house edge. After all, they don't need to pay dealers, utilities, and other heavy overhead costs. 

All you need to do to play online French roulette and enjoy the 1.35% house edge is create an online casino account and make a deposit. Both of these steps only take a few minutes to complete, which means it won't be long before you're playing real money roulette games!