Online Roulette Variations and House Edges


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One of the great things about online roulette is that it offers players a variety of different games at their fingertips. For example, if you want to play American roulette, you can find an online casino that offers this game within a couple of minutes. However, you should also consider that American roulette isn't exactly the best game in terms of house edge, which could have a big effect on your long-term profits. With this being the case, let's take a look at some common online roulette games and the advantage they offer the house.

American Roulette - This game offers the casino a 5.26% edge over players. While lower than some casino games, American roulette is best to avoid because there are much better online roulette games in terms of house edge. The reason why this version gives the casino such a large advantage is because there are 38 total numbers, and two of these - 0 and 00 - benefit the house on nearly every bet.

European Roulette - Casino players get a much more favorable draw with European roulette because of its 2.70% house edge. This being the case, European roulette is extremely popular at online casinos. In regards to why the house edge is lower, European roulette has 37 numbers, and just the 0 instead of both a 0 and 00 like with American roulette.

Mini Roulette - The draw to mini roulette is that it's quite different from other forms of the game since there are only 13 numbers with one being a 0. Unfortunately, this low numbers-to-zero ratio makes the mini roulette house edge quite high at 7.69%. That said, most experienced roulette players avoid the game unless the La Partage rule is in effect; La Partage pays players back half their wager on losing even money bets, which lowers the house edge to 3.845%. 

French Roulette - Why settle for the La Partage rule in mini roulette when you can get it in the much more favorable French roulette? The French version of roulette is just like European roulette, with the lone exception that the La Partage rule is in effect. Players who stick to even money bets the whole time in French roulette will only be dealing with a 1.35% house edge. Just keep in mind that you might have a tough time finding French roulette at online casinos!