Classic Distractions that Casinos use to get Your Money


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As everybody knows, casinos are businesses that are out to make a profit. Because of this, many players are careful to study strategy for the games they play in an effort to reduce the house edge. But what many of these same people neglect to consider are the little tricks and distractions that casinos use in an effort to get even more of your money.

Now, outside of a few scandalous casinos here and there, nothing these gaming establishments are doing is illegal. However, the tactics they use can definitely have a negative impact on your bankroll if you aren't careful. So let's look at some of the more popular distractions that casinos use to beat you.

1. Employing Beautiful Women

Gaming establishments are famous for having beautiful women on staff, from the cocktail waitresses to the scantily clad girls dancing in blackjack party pits. But while many guys are busy ogling these beauties, what they don't stop to think about is that this is a strategy by casinos. By having gorgeous women serving you drinks, dancing around and dealing games, casinos are distracting you from proper strategy and keeping you around longer.

2. Ugly Carpeting

Ever wonder why many gaming establishments feature extravagant decor on the walls, lobby and hotels, yet use some of the ugliest carpet you've ever seen? This is no interior decorating mishap because casinos want your eyes kept straight ahead and focusing on the games. So if you're not looking at the floor, you'll be looking at the games instead and ready to bet more money.

3. Serving Free Drinks

Okay, so most people are aware of this trick, but it's still worth covering anyways. Casinos are pretty generous with drinks when somebody is playing a lot of casino games. But unlike the "cool" guy at the bar who wants to become everybody's friend by paying for drinks, casinos are just trying to get you drunk and win more money.

4. Having Loud and Noisy Slots Games

Chances are that one of the biggest things that'll stick out when you enter a casino is the noisy and loud slot machines. And these noises certainly aren't meant to annoy and upset people, but rather direct their attention to the slots. After all, wouldn't you consider playing a game that sounds fun and exciting?

5. Treating Big Players like Royalty

We're all aware that casinos treat their biggest players with a little more respect than the average visitor who spends all night playing penny slots and whining about not getting free drinks. However, not everybody really thinks about the deeper meaning here, which is making big bettors and winners feel like stars. The better a VIP gets treated, the more likely they are to return and keeping making big wagers.

Casino gaming is meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience. So keep this experience enjoyable by not letting casinos take advantage of you with the tactics that we've just discussed.