Craps Controlled Shooting


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Many people who play casino games are well aware of practices like blackjack card counting and roulette wheel bias, which can be used to gain a long-term edge over casinos. However, fewer people are aware of another skilled casino method called controlled shooting, which is used by craps players to make lots of profits. If you're unfamiliar with this concept, let's discuss the subject a little more in-depth.

Controlled Shooting Explained

The average craps player knows how to use good craps strategy to lower the house edge. For example, you can make pass line, don't pass line, come and don't come bets to bring the casino edge down around 1.4%; if you can back these wagers with odds, the house advantage drops even more. But in no scenario can players gain an edge on casinos.....unless they're well-versed in controlled shooting (a.k.a. dice control). 

Controlled shooting is something that's done in land-based casinos because players have to physically hold the dice to execute it. The idea behind this practice is that you hold the dice the same way every time (with the 3's forming a V-shape), and use the exact same throwing motion to bring up the desired result. Usually, the desired result is to not roll a 7.

Is Controlled Shooting Realistic?

Now dice control experts don't expect to roll the dice so accurately that they never hit a seven. Instead, they only throw a seven slightly less than the average player. For example, players roll a seven an average of 6 out of every 36 times; but if somebody only threw a seven an average of 6 out of 38 times, they'd gain an edge on the house.

Some people think that dice control is too hard to pull off, but the reality is that certain players have used this method to make profits. However, most of these same players also have homemade craps tables, and practice controlled shooting on a regular basis. So basically, it takes plenty of practice and a lot of faith to get dice control to work.

Dominic “The Dominator” LoRiggio, who is commonly referred to as the "Man with the Golden Arm," is just one example of somebody who's spent lots of time practicing dice control and made millions of dollars with it. Sure not everybody will be a LoRiggio, but those who put the work in have a chance.