Roulette Wheel Bias


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Nearly every casino game features a way for skilled players to make consistent profits, and for roulette, that method is wheel bias. We'll warn you that wheel bias isn't easy, but if you're still interested in learning how to do it, here is a look at the basics.

How Wheel Bias Works

Casino roulette wheels are designed to make sure every number has the exact same chance of appearing during any given spin. So if you were playing European roulette, you could be fairly certain that all 37 numbers have the exact same chance of coming up on the wheel.  However, you also have to consider that, over the course of time, some roulette wheels can become damaged, number dividers can be slightly bent, and the bearings could be a little off. Assuming any of this happens, the roulette wheel can start to favor certain numbers, which creates a wheel bias. 

In most cases, neither the casino staff nor roulette players have any knowledge of a biased wheel, so the only way to detect one is by studying a wheel's results over countless spins. For example, if you see a certain wheel favors the section with 20, 7, 11, 30, 26 after looking at thousands of spins, you would make bets that take advantage of this knowledge. There is no specific number that's required to determine a biased wheel, but the more spins you watch, the more certainty you'll have when detecting wheel bias.

Is Wheel Bias Realistic?

It takes a leap of faith to blindly study dozens of roulette wheels for an insane amount of hours in hopes of finding a biased one. That said, most people would rather just use basic roulette strategy and forget about the whole thing. Furthermore, some people don't think that biased roulette wheels exist today because manufacturing is so much better. 

However, there are a number of roulette legends out there today who strongly believe otherwise, and have the winnings to prove it. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is one of these people as the Spaniard won millions of dollars from casinos around the globe, and is one of the most respected wheel bias experts today. Unfortunately, most casinos know of him, and won't allow Garcia-Pelayo on their property because he's so good.