How Chris Boyd won $220,000 in Roulette


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While plenty of seemingly ordinary people win big with roulette games, few of them ever win $220,000 in a single night. But that's exactly what Englishman Chris Boyd did when he traveled to Las Vegas for an occasion that would forever change his life.

Penny Pincher

In 1991, Boyd came up with the strange goal of saving up as much money as he could for one giant roulette bet. Through his computer programming job, the Brit was able to save $220,000 in a three-year span, and all of this money was going to be put towards roulette.

Looking for Action

Now that Chris Boyd had the money to play roulette with, he just needed to find a casino willing to take his action. First he tried some of the biggest Las Vegas casinos, but none of them were interested in the huge roulette wager. But Boyd eventually found a taker in Binion's Horseshoe Casino, and they lifted their $100k roulette bet limit to accommodate the $220k wager. Furthermore, they also took the 00 off their wheel, thus lowering the roulette house edge to 2.70%.

The Bet

When it came time for the big day, Boyd chose to put his money on red during a red/black bet. The anticipation built while Binion's ran some practice spins before the official wager. Finally, it came time to decide whether Boyd would be a huge winner or not. Once the wheel was finished spinning, the ball landed on red 7, which made him the lucky winner of $220,000!

After winning this dream bet, Chris Boyd asked Binion's Horseshoe Casino to lock his money up so that he wouldn't be tempted to bet again. Going further, Boyd also told those on the scene that he wasn't going to place another wager in his life because he'd already been so lucky. As far as we know, the $220k roulette winner has stayed true to his word and not bet any more money.