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While the house has an advantage in most casino games, you can still make plenty of money by sticking with the best casino bets. And the only thing you need to know to do this is what the top wagers are. Keeping this in mind, let's go over the bets that give you the best chance to make profits with casino games.

Poker - While most games see players compete against the house, poker is different because players are competing against each other. The casino's only function is to run the games, and take a small rake (usually 5% of every pot) for offering the poker games. That said, you can easily be a long-term winner in both casino and online poker by studying strategy for the games and improving your play. 

Video Poker - Depending on what version you're playing, video poker offers players some of the best opportunities to make money. This is especially the case if you can find "full pay" video poker games, which offer players the maximum payouts possible for that version. For instance, the very common 9/6 Jacks or Better game is full pay, and it offers a 99.54% payback rate. Those who play full pay Deuces Wild and Double Bonus Poker can gain an advantage with perfect strategy because these offer 100.8% and 100.2% payback rates.

Blackjack - At most casinos, you can lower the blackjack house edge down to around 0.5% with perfect blackjack strategy. Of course, you must make sure favorable rules are in place first, and luckily, they will be the majority of the time. In casino blackjack, some players even use card counting to gain an edge on the casinos.

Baccarat - Baccarat is the perfect casino game for beginners because one only needs to make the banker bet on every hand to use optimal strategy; doing so will lower the house edge down to 1.06%. You can also make the player bet, which brings the casino advantage to 1.24%.

Craps - There are several good craps bets you can make including the pass line and come bets (both 1.41% house edge), as well as the don't pass line and don't come wagers (both 1.40% house edge). In addition to this, there are casinos that enable you to back bets with odds, which can cut the 1.4% house edge in half - or better! Some players have even used the art of controlled shooting to win long-term profits against casinos.