Is Baccarat still only for the Rich?


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One pervading thought in the Western world is that baccarat is mainly a casino game for the rich. And this thought isn't completely unfounded either because, for years, betting limits were high and baccarat tables were dominated by the wealthy. So is this still the case? Let's take an in-depth look at the subject to see if it's still only the rich that are playing baccarat.

Born with a Silver Spoon

The belief that baccarat is only for the elite goes back to seventeenth and eighteenth century France. This is where the modern form of Chemin de fer was born, and its popularity quickly took off among the country's noblemen and royalty. By the nineteenth century, the French upper-middle class started getting involved in the picture, but that didn't disrupt the game's privileged reputation.

Around the World

Eventually, baccarat started making its way to other countries and continents where it was also enjoyed by rich patrons. One way that casinos kept baccarat highly-exclusive was by imposing high betting limits and featuring a number of VIP baccarat tables. Interestingly enough, there are still plenty of casinos like this throughout the world that keep their games exclusive. However, there are also more opportunities than ever for the non-elite to get involved with baccarat.

Online and Live Baccarat

The world of online baccarat has really given players of all bankrolls a much better chance to take advantage of the game's low 1.06% house edge. And a big reason why is because most online casinos allow players to make bets as low as $1. It's also worth mentioning that live dealer baccarat has really pumped up the game's popularity among middle class people. This is due to the fact that the low bets are still there, and people get to experience a real, live casino atmosphere right through their computer screen.

Baccarat in Macau

One more thing worth mentioning in this article is that baccarat popularity in Macau is extremely high. In fact, many casinos in this Asian region fill 80% of their floor with baccarat tables. That said, it's the predominant form of gaming in the world's largest casino destination, which has really helped baccarat shed its elitist label. 

Keeping this all in mind, you can only count on baccarat becoming more popular over the years - both online and in land-based casinos.