Macau loves Baccarat


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If you check out the baccarat pits around most Western Hemisphere casinos, you'll find a lot of empty tables. But if you take a look around the baccarat areas in major Asian casino destinations like Macau, you'll see a completely different scene. People are cheering together, rituals are used to bring good luck and, most importantly, there are very few empty seats around the baccarat tables. Taking all of this into account, it's definitely worth exploring this subject further.

Floor Space

As we alluded to in the introduction, baccarat is in high demand in Macau and other Asian casino areas. And casinos are more than happy to satisfy this demand by dedicating 65-70% of their floor space to baccarat tables. You can only expect to see this percentage increase since many casinos are getting rid of slots games and other tables to make room for extra baccarat seats. So far this has turned out to be a good move because Macau casinos are bringing in over 80% of their gaming revenue from baccarat games alone.

Team Game

Much like craps in Western casinos, baccarat gives players a team feeling in Macau. Because of the fact that most players are betting on the banker hand since it offers a low 1.06% house edge, they're normally cheering for the same result. And they definitely get into the cheering too!

Crazy Rituals

Banding together isn't enough for some Asian baccarat players because they also exact rituals at the table to improve their chances of winning. For example, many players like to blow on the cards since they believe this wards off bad numbers. Another common ritual is slowly peaking at a card while praying for the right number.

While these rituals may sound weird, they definitely liven up the game of baccarat. In fact, the whole baccarat culture creates an exciting and unbeatable atmosphere that makes this game worth trying when you're in Macau.