Ashley Revell's One Bet Roulette Strategy - Does it work?


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Several years ago, Ashley Revell gained the attention of the gambling world after selling everything he owned, then wagering over $135,000 on a single roulette spin. The 32-year-old was lucky enough to win this roulette spin and double his money - all while being filmed by the UK's Sky One channel. Seeing as how a one bet roulette strategy worked for Revell, it's worth looking into whether this method is best for everybody.

The House Edge Consideration

Depending on what roulette wheel a player chooses, they'll be facing a different house edge. For example, the roulette house edge on an American wheel is 5.26% while the casino advantage with European roulette is 2.70%. But no matter how low the roulette house edge gets for you, the casino still holds a small long-term advantage.

This is where the one bet strategy comes in because it negates having to make spin after spin, while hoping to somehow still be ahead after all this time. Going further, you'll be at nearly a 50-50 chance as far as winning your wager goes. However, the key word here is "nearly" because you're still facing a slight disadvantage by making one bet.

The Math of the Situation

If you were making an even money bet on the European roulette wheel, you'd have a 48.64% chance of winning. Now assuming you took your entire bankroll and put it into a single bet like Ashley Revell, you'd still be at a slight disadvantage. Long story short, you aren't totally flipping a coin with the casino.

However, some players are still feel as if they've got more of an advantage by making one huge bet, rather than spreading their play out over dozens or hundreds of spins. The idea here is that you're exposed to the house edge much less when using a one bet strategy.

Length of Play

While making one bet in roulette may be thrilling and put you in a near-even situation with casinos, the major problem is that it doesn't give you much of a chance to extend your playing time. And many roulette players not only want to win lots of money, but also enjoy themselves in the process.

It's kind of hard to accomplish the latter goal when you bet an entire bankroll on one spin and lose. Of course, if you're not really that into roulette games and just want to win some major money, then by all means try the one bet strategy.