Advantages of High Stakes Blackjack


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The quickest way to make big profits in blackjack is to play high stakes games since your bigger wagers could lead to more profits. However, even those who are able to afford high stakes blackjack ($50 bets and above) don't play because of the additional costs per bet.

For example, if you were to wager $50 with a 0.5% house edge present, you'd lose $1 per hand on average. On the other hand, somebody who was betting $10 per turn would lose just $0.20. But there's more to consider than just how much you'll be spending in high stakes games. That said, let's discuss some of the positive aspects of choosing bigger blackjack games.

More Favorable Rules

The best part about playing high stakes blackjack is that you'll often be dealing with more favorable rules. For example, natural blackjacks will pay out at 6:5, the dealer often has to stand on soft 17's, and you can resplit any pair. In many cases, big players will be in specialized games where the house edge is just 0.4% or less.

It's also worth mentioning that major high stakes players can negotiate for better rules. Don Johnson, who we've discussed before, was actually able to gain an edge on casinos through negotiations. Thanks to this edge, he eventually earned $19 million in profits.

Extra Comps

As if dealing with a lower house edge isn't enough, high stakes blackjack players can also look forward to getting additional comps too. For starters, your play will be comped more with free hotel rooms, meals, limo rides and VIP club access. High stakes online blackjack players can manage to get extra points to exchange for cash, a personal VIP host and vacation packages.

So as you can see, there are plenty of benefits to consider when you're not sure about high stakes tables. In Johnson's case, he actually managed to come out on top with big blackjack games. Of course, this is a special circumstance, but you can still get the picture on how nice high stakes blackjack can be.