Don Johnson wins another $2m in Blackjack

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Last year, Don Johnson cemented his legacy in blackjack history by winning over $17 million in profits. And it doesn't appear as if this legacy will be dying out any time soon because he won yet another $2 million at the Tropicana Atlantic City. Johnson's good fortunes were a big reason why the Tropicana took a beating in the month of February.

Highs and Lows

Overall, the Tropicana Atlantic City lost $1 million with their table games in the month of February. Doing the math, it's clear that Johnson's winnings made the difference between winning and losing. However, Johnson wasn't the only person who caused the losses because an unnamed blackjack player collected $4 million from the tables in February.

A big reason why the Tropicana sees such big swings in their profits and losses is because they allow $100,000 maximum blackjack bets. Tropicana CEO Tony Rodio discussed this and the casino's previous losses by saying, "There are some months when we're going to do great and some months when we get clobbered. But we're open for business, and we want other customers to know that they can take a shot.”

Winning Ways

Going back to Don Johnson, this latest $2 million profit brings his overall winnings since the beginning of 2011 to $19 million. The Tropicana has been the biggest victim of Johnson's amazing run since he won a total of $9.8 from them over his career. The other half of his earnings have mostly come from the Borgata and Caesars Atlantic City.

At one point during his incredible run last year, Don Johnson made headlines after partying at London's One For One nightclub on Park Avenue. He spent over $270k while buying alcohol there, which set a record for the high-profile club. More important than the partying is the fact that Johnson's winning ways have made him an instant legend within the industry.