5 Reasons why the 2013 WSOP Main Event will always be remembered


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The 2013 WSOP Main Event added yet another interesting chapter to poker history as Ryan Riess won the tournament along with $8,361,570. Of course, Riess' victory wasn't the only interesting thing to come out of this Main Event. So let's take a look at five of the more noteworthy items that happened in the 2013 WSOP ME.

5. Lightening Fast

In years past, the WSOP Main Event final table has been a lengthy affair, where it takes hours to grind down to the last few players. But this year, it only took 171 hands before it was determined that Jay Farber and Riess would meet heads-up. The last four eliminations were extremely fast as these players all busted out within 20 hands.

4. Amri Lehavot sells his Action

In an attempt to ensure himself big money, Amir Lehavot actually sold 30% of his Main Event final table action. This is the first time that anybody can think of where a player sold part of their action after making the final table. Investors earned a nice return too when the Israeli finished third place and collected $3,727,823.

3. Farber reps the Amateurs

These days, it seems like the ME final table is filled with your typical young online poker pro stories - as is the case with Riess. However, Farber brought a little something different to the equation since he works full-time as a VIP nightclub host. The 28-year-old only plays poker in his spare time, which was good enough to power him to a second-place finish ($5,174,357).

2. Ryan Riess makes a Bold Claim

After taking down the 2013 ME, Riess certainly wasn't lacking any confidence. In the post-win interview, he said, "I just think I'm the best player in the world." Obviously winning the Main Event is a huge accomplishment, but few pros were willing to entertain the assertion that Riess is the world's top player.

1. A Panda crashes the Stage

The Main Event almost felt like a streaker-infested European football match, when a man in a panda costume crashed the stage area. He ran up to the stage, fell down, got back up, then started dancing and cheering for Farber. The crowd seemed to be a little panicked at this strange sight, but order was restored when security booted the panda man out of the building.