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Monaco Gold Casino Review

Monaco Gold Casino is designed to pass on the majestic and...

Catagory: Poker

When you invite friends to your home in order to bad-beat them out of their money, or just for a nice game of poker, as a minimal courtesy you should offer them a nice poker setting. Get a fresh deck of cards, or better two decks; cards...

Catagory: blackjack

Blackjack Sessions Tracking Sheet

Track your blackjack sessions and get detailed statistical analysis on your performance, winning sessions, time spent, earnings and more .Download FREE the...

Catagory: blackjack
A hand whose first two cards total 21 e.g. A/10, A/J, A/Q, A/K.
Basic Strategy
Basic strategy for blackjack consists of a complete set of rules that cover all possible decisions a...
Catagory: blackjack

3.0: Player Moves

Early/Later Surrender are among the most uncommon options at the blackjack table,...

Catagory: blackjack

4. Conclusion

We’ve covered pretty much all there is to know about blackjack and you should now be ready to start playing confidently. You should pick a nice blackjack table to...

Catagory: blackjack

Blackjack Strategy Table

6 decks, S17 (dealer stands on 17's), DAS (double after split), No Surrender, Peek (dealer has 2 initial cards)

Approximate casino edge for above rules...

Catagory: blackjack

Don't rely on luck. It takes skill to play multiplayer blackjack. There is a luck factor just as in traditional blackjack, but skill is a key element. Practice blackjack basic strategy, learn the successful strategies of...