Winner VIP Casino and loyalty program

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With a proper loyalty program, online casinos can convince their most valuable players to stay and maybe even to redeposit. The value of a good loyalty program is hard to estimate for the casino, but it’s rather plain for the player.

At Winner Casino, by playing in real money games, players will climb up a ladder of 6 VIP levels. VIP players will enjoy free sign-up bonuses, generous bonuses on their subsequent deposits, access to live tournaments, added comp points, not to mention some pretty generous cash bonuses for their loyalty.

Whenever you wager money at one of Winner Casino’s real money tables, you’re rewarded with comp points. There isn’t an actual limit on how many of these comp points you can earn, but there is a limit on the amount of money you can wager on a single bet. When you gather enough such comp point, you can trade them in for cash. Through this method, you can earn unlimited amount of money, of course as long as you stay active and play. Small wagers are rewarded too, so don’t worry if you happen to be a small stakes recreational player.

Winner Casino’s VIP program consists of 6 VIP levels: Club, Select, Elite, Premium, Superior and Royal. Players who attain one of these VIP levels, get free sign-up bonuses, bigger loyalty rewards and they’re given a much better comp point conversion rate. You can request further information about the Winner Casino VIP program by writing their VIP support an email.