New Game at Wild Jack Casino - Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker

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If it sounds a little like a poker game, that's because it is. The new Jackpot Factory game that can be found at Wild Jack casino is loosely based on our good old favourite, Texas Hold'em but with some exciting twists.

The idea of Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker is to beat the dealer by making up your best hand using your 2 pocket cards and the 5 community cards; the "triple pocket" comes into play because whilst you have one set of pocket cards, the dealer has two, and both of these must be beat. Only one bet is laid at the opening, but you have a different, more crucial choice – you get to pick which of the pocket cards are yours. The first set is dealt and you can either keep them or pass them on, making them the dealer's, and so it continues until if you didn't like either of the first two you must pick the third.

Most cases of beating the dealer's two hands results in an even money payout, however there are some better payouts with the highest being a 5:1 on a Royal Flush.

Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker is a great addition to the over 350 games already available at Wild Jack Casino.