Heart Warming Big Winner at Golden Casino

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For Karen from Texas it was precisely the presence of free-rolls that attracted her to Golden Casino, as well as the variety of games. As she started to play, the love affair blossomed for Karen and Golden Casino as Karen started playing every day, mostly free-rolls. All of sudden a free-roll entrance turned into a 3rd place $40 win, but she wasn't stopping there. With the $40 in her account Karen kept increasing her bets, gradually at first, and she kept on winning.

Before she knew it she found herself making a $125 bet. It worked – she got up to an enormous $36,000, choosing to cash out a nice round $30,000 and play with the rest. Karen plans to spend her winnings on some household expenditures, a used truck for her husband and a new dryer for the house. Although she never won anything as big as this before, she will never forget how she turned nothing into $30,000, and neither should we – a little chicken soup for the casino player's soul. Well done Karen, and thanks to Golden Casino.