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Devilfish is a great place to be a winner, but the truth is that it isn't a bad place to be a loser either. With a casino insurance program in place, you could be earning back cash on all losses at Devilfish

Not only does Devilfish run a great gaming suite, a generous welcome offer, unique games , excellent tournaments, and huge promotions, but now they actually give you back money when you loose!

You might have read that last sentence twice, maybe even three times, to check you'd read it correctly, and it's quite understandable that you would do so because lets face it; this isn't something that's often said about an online gaming site. None-the-less, as of this summer, Devilfish have in fact been giving money back to their players when they lose – this is how it works.

It's called Casino Insurance and applies to casino games at Devilfish. The insurance is tiered into stages, but basically you could be getting back 15% of your losses up to the value of €150 per month. The lowest tier is for those who have lost €50 or more in a calendar month, and they will be getting back €5. At the other end of the spectrum is the highest tier for which you can qualify if you have lost more than €1,000 in a calendar month, in which case you could be getting €150 back.

So, you don't need to get your eyes tested, it is really true – losing can make you money at Devilfish!