Celebrate Easter with Casino Tropez

Get $300 Bonus

It used to be the tradition, that Easter weekend would include a hunt – an egg hunt, parents would hide them and children would find them. Today you'd be hard pressed to find a treasure hunt of this type, but Casino Tropez are certainly setting up a few pleasant surprises for their customers.

The first element of the Easter special at Tropez Casino is a generous 15% deposit bonus which can be claimed on all deposits. There is no limit to this bonus offer and so you can deposit how ever much you want and you'll receive an extra 15% on top as an Easter gift.

Next is the $8,000 Elite Challenge Tournament. Aimed at video poker players this Elite Challenge Tournament rewards the player who plays the most. The total prize pool is $8,000 and 73 players will get a piece of that cash. The biggest prize is the first place winner who gets $1,000 whilst 2nd to 7th get's $500. If you are between the 8th and 21st you'll get $100, and between the 22nd and 73rd you'll get $50 – not bad for something you're going to be doing, and enjoying anyway.

In addition to these offers and opportunities, you will come across other Easter Surprises such as the Golden Egg which you might receive in your member's email that can be traded in for a bonus. The moral of the story this Easter, is keep your eyes peeled, and you never know what you might find.