A Personal Testimony to CasinoEuro

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I was recently asked what my favourite online gaming site was; I had to think for a while, after all there are so many good options, but in the end I decided that out of all the places I enjoy playing in CasinoEuro is my favourite, and here's why.

I remember that the first thing I ever noticed about CasinoEuro was its personal touch. I've never had reason to call the customer support, so I can't comment on that element of the personal experience, but when I say a personal touch I mean that the whole site projects a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. One never feels lost at CasinoEuro, in fact the exact opposite is true. I love the Poker School run by the site – I like the idea that the site wants me to be informed; it even wants to help me do well, or at least provide me with the best skills in order to do well. I also enjoyed tremendously that they have a section on etiquette. You may scoff, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has come across some-one at a table who simply isn't "playing by the rules"; that CasioEuro value their customers' experience high enough to include such a section is simply phenomenal.

Both for casino games and poker the tournament schedule suits me very well. It isn't the most packed you can find, but it's ample, and the freerolls are plentiful, regular, and generous. As for the practicalities, I find the payment options offered by the site to be all encompassing, and have always had smooth dealings in this area.

In short therefore, I find the experience offered at CasinoEuro to be second to none, and that's the reason that I choose it as my favourite gaming venue.