Download Bodog Software

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Bodog’s online poker and casino client is not only a pretty outstanding piece of software (don’t mind those who keep slamming its graphics) but it will also run on pretty much every computer you can get your hands on. Its system requirements ask for a 200MHz processor, 20 MB of hard disk space and 64 MB of RAM. If your computer runs Windows XP, then you won’t have any problems with this client.

You can download the install it straight from their website, and install it the same way you’d install any other program:

Double click the downloaded executable (or click open or “run program from its current location” after your download finishes) select the location where you want the client installed and click on the “install” button. The program will install automatically, and download some components in the process. As soon as installation is complete, the game starts up, and takes you to the lobby screen.

If you create a desktop shortcut for it during installation, all you’ll have to do in the future is to click on the desktop icon to get things moving. 
The program is absolutely free, so no worries there.

If you download their software now, it’ll come with the latest updates included, however, if you’re a player who already has a working poker account on Bodog, and who already has the software installed, you’ll need to update it. This shouldn’t normally be a problem, whether you’re using Windows XP or Windows Vista, but sometimes it may not work. In that case, uninstall your client, and re-install the fully updated one available on Bodog’s site ( 

If you’re an XP user, you can uninstall the game from your Control Panel -> add/remove programs. 
If you’re a Vista user, you’ll need to access Select Programs -> Select programs and features -> uninstall program. A piece of cake really…

Your firewall or router (if you have one) might act funny, in the sense that it will block your access to Bodog Poker. Simply allow Bodog Poker traffic through your security system, or if you don’t know how to do that, contact Bodog support, they’ll be happy to assist you.