Betsson Bonuses About to Burst - Betsson Jackpot

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There are always jackpots being won, and always progressives growing in size, but when they get really high, then they become worth writing about. Betsson, with its 96.44% payout average for February 2009, has a couple of beasts that surely are about to break.

The total value of the jackpots currently at Betsson are coming up on the €6,000,000 mark, however the lions share of that sum is shared between just two games: Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune – Mega.

Arabian Nights is an all round favourite at Betsson where the winning combination of 5 Aladdin style men on max bet wins you the jackpot. The big news however is Mega Fortune – Mega with a whopping €3,087,421 and counting. There are 3 jackpots for this game, two local, and the Mega. The Mega jackpot is of course the one that everyone's after; one of the biggest progressive jackpots ever to have been won.

Winnings from March at Betsson amounted to over €500,000, needless to say, April may dwarf this sum considerably. So, it's fair to say that for one player, Betsson is clearly going to be the right place to be, and right about now will be the right time to be; could that seven figure life changing payout be yours?