Online Casino Games - Caribbean stud Poker Terms Glossary

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Caribbean Stud Poker Glossary of Terms:

  • Ace-King
    A five-card hand where the total value is less than a pair but contains an Ace and a King.
  • Ante Bet
    This is where the mandatory initial bet is placed prior to the dealing of the hand.
  • Ante Box
    The area in front of the raise bet box where the player's ante bet is placed.
  • Raise Bet
    This area is located directly behind the ante bet wager spot and is made after the cards have been dealt. This bet means the player does not wish to fold and must wager twice the amount of the ante bet
  • Bonus Payout
    The amount paid to a player if the dealer qualifies and the player has placed a raised bet. This is not the progressive jackpot payout.
  • Fold
    When a player chooses to surrender their hand instead of making a raise bet to continue.
  • Progressive Bet
    This bet is made prior to the dealing of the hand and indicates that the player wishes to participate in the progressive jackpot bet. The bet is $1 and is placed above the ante bet wager spot. Progressive Jackpot - The total amount of money currently available on the jackpot meter. This amount varies from casino to casino and day-to-day.
  • Progressive Payout Bonus
    The amount the casino will pay to qualifying hands for players that have placed the progressive bet.
  • Progressive Slot
    The slotted area of the playing table where players place their $1 progressive jackpot bet.
  • Push
    A hand which the dealer and the player tie. Neither the player nor the dealer win when this occurs.
  • Upcard
    The card the dealer places face up for all the players to see after the cards have been dealt.