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his page contains information and tips on online casinos and the bonuses they provide to players. Casinos need new players, so they allocate a lot of free cash for that purpose. There are many types of bonuses and some are explained here. On top of initial bonuses online casinos offer ongoing and special promotions such as tournaments, raffles, happy hours, comps, VIP and loyalty programs, and other event-driven promotions and giveaways.

Online casino can be a very good place to gamble and play - it offers excellent terms, is very easy to operate, offers better-than-Vegas odds, etc.

To enjoy a casino bonuses simply choose the casino you like, get a bonus that provides you with added value and of course enjoy playing.


No-Deposit Bonuses (Freebies) and Refer a Friend

no-deposit bonus is an excellent kind of bonus. You receive free cash with no commitment whatsoever. It's also the most straightforward bonus available - it's free, and there's no deposit required to receive the bonus. All you need to do is open an account, register some details (player name, email, personal details etc.) and the casino will give you some free chips to get going. No-deposit bonuses normally range from $5 to $50. Mostly these bonuses are added instantly to the accounts but sometimes you'll need to ask the casino to give them to you. You can get them by redeeming coupons, using special links, opening a new account, or informing the casino about the friend that you referred and made a deposit, etc. Don't fall into the trap of depositing while waiting for the bonus - some casinos hope you won't be able to resist the temptation and make a deposit. Most casinos condition bonus withdrawals with first making a deposit, which can be very upsetting. There are also 'sticky' bonuses which cannot be withdrawn themselves but any winnings earned as a result of playing with a sticky bonus can be withdrawn. You should check out reputable casinos and that give you free bonuses as it's a great way to try them out before playing with your own money. Always make sure to read the terms and conditions on the casino site or send their support an email asking for about the bonus.

Match Bonuses, Fixed Bonuses and First Deposit Bonuses

Most casinos will grant you a bonus for a certain initial deposit. Normally such bonuses range from $10 to as high as $1000. These bonuses are typically given for first deposits but almost all casinos give bonuses for ongoing deposits, especially to loyal players. Bonuses can be given instantly or be conditioned with a player action such as wagering or sending an email requesting the bonus. To can withdraw these bonuses players may need to follow some condition such as wagering a certain amount of money, usually the deposit, the bonus, or a combination of the bonus and the deposit. Each casino's terms and conditions vary so be sure to check them.

Percentage-based Bonuses and Bonus Coupons

Percentage-based bonuses are bonuses which are derived from the deposit amount. They are used as simple incentives to encourage players to make deposits and will usually be part of ongoing promotions, but may also be part of a first-deposit bonus package. Percentage-based bonuses and bonus coupons usually range from 5% to 50% and have various conditions on withdrawals. Some casinos require wagering the amount of the bonus, some the amount of the deposit, and some require wagering both. Some even condition the bonus itself with first wagering the deposit and after that the player will receive the bonus. If you're a committed player with a large bankroll you would benefit from this type of bonus because the amounts you receive depend on your deposit. The more you deposit the more bonuses the casino will give you. VIP players often enjoy very large deposit and loyalty bonuses since they usually make large deposits.


Monthly or Weekly Bonuses

Monthly and weekly bonuses are given on regular basis. A monthly bonus is usually around 100% (match bonus) and a weekly bonus is usually up to 50%. These are great bonuses that's very good for bonus hunters because they are often given on first deposits in a month or a week and are added instantly. They extend the player's casino lifetime and add to the player's enjoyment of the casino.


Cashback Bonuses and No-Risk Bonuses

Cash-back bonuses are not common but are excellent to use if you can find them. The way cashback bonuses work is simple - you play and if you happen to lose you get your money back. Cashback bonuses are usually limited to 24 hour periods (often valid only during the first 24 hours from joining the casino) and serve as a safety net for players that want to go wild and experiment with their bet amounts or try out different games. Of course any player might win during a cashback promotion and cash out, but if he loses he'll get his money back so it's really a win-win situation. Some casinos refund only a certain part of the losses - either a fixed amount (i.e. up to $250) or percentage-based (i.e. up to 50%).

Voting, Polling and Players' Choice Bonuses

These bonuses will grant small amounts of money to players just for spending a few minutes and helping the casino get good reviews. Naturally all online casinos want to be number one and some will actually pay players that will help them get there. The most known places where players can vote for their favorite casino are Gambling Online Magazine ( and ( Gambling Online Magazine's annual Players' Choice Awards is the main event where players select their favorite casinos, gambling sites, poker rooms, etc. Such bonuses vary from $5 to $25. Casinos will sometimes require that you contact them and provide proof that you voted for them, while others will give the bonus regardless of your actual vote or will offer a special link that will have a tracker attached to it. If you have a favorite casino that you're happy with let others know about it in forums and casino review sites. Your fellow players will appreciate it, and the casinos will be happy to reward you if you show them the post, review, or vote you gave them.