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Review and Promotions

If you’re a backgammon player or you are at least a tiny bit interested in online backgammon, you probably know about Play65. This backgammon room is one of the 2-3 online backgammon sites that dominate the market today, and it’s quite probably the oldest and most successful one.
Established in 2004, GammonEmpire and Play65 (which is basically the same site) account for the biggest number of online backgammon players today.

As online poker just received a hard blow under the belt, delivered by US lawmakers through the UIGEA, about a year ago, it would seem like the time has never been better for online backgammon. Backgammon is essentially a game of skill, which has not been banned under the UIGEA, so Americans looking to generate some dough off the internet using their gaming skills, can still play it.


Needless to say, because it is pretty much the oldest running such operation, Play65 gets the biggest traffic of all online backgammon rooms. They have the info regarding the player and active table numbers displayed on their homepage, so you know what kind of community you’re getting yourself involved with, even before you sign up. At the time of this review, the counter displayed 14,614 players and 4,614 tables.


The Play65 software is quite impressive from every point of view. It is small as far as disk space goes, which means it downloads in a few seconds/minutes even on a slower connection. Graphically, it looks awesome, giving players a complete 3D view of the board, with sound effects that compliment the experience, instead of annoying the hell out of the player. While I have heard that their client would crash from time to time, I haven’t personally experienced any such issues, but then again, I played using a broadband connection.
Even if it does crash on you though, you will have the possibility to reconnect, and to continue where you’ve left off.
If you only want a quick taste of their games though, just click on the instant no download Java client that they feature on their site and, after a completely fuss-free signup, you’ll be taken to one of the tables where you can roll the dice right away.

Sign Up Bonus

Play65 used to offer some pretty generous sign-up bonuses in the beginning of their online presence. However, as more and more players signed up with them, their bonuses got cut back too.
Presently, they offer a 20% match on your first deposit, up to $20. In order to receive the bonus though, you need to use the bonus code provided on the website. Pay attention, because if you fail to introduce the code at sign-up, you will not get the bonus.
As soon as you sign up, the bonus will be credited to your bonus account, in order to have it transferred to your real money account, you need to unlock it. To unlock it, you have to play 30 real money games.


As the uncontested online backgammon leader, Play offers a host of interesting promotions, which will certainly have you coming back for more. In this respect, the Play65 backgammon tournaments are the best on the web.
Play in their Sit’n Go s, together with 4-64 other players, or in one of their “Event” tournaments where the prizes are in direct proportion with the number of players registered. With the traffic that they get, the prizes are sure to skyrocket, too.
The Play65 Swing tournaments are much like a poker tournament. Each registered player receives an equal amount of chips, which he can use to play. Players will be matched randomly against one-another and the stakes of the game (called CPP) will be periodically raised (kind of like the blinds in poker)
As soon as your chips run out, you’re out of the game.
Their satellite and knock-out tournaments are without a doubt among the best on the internet, and they are pretty unique to too.
Besides all the above mentioned promotions, Play 65 also offers a host of freerolls, where you can play backgammon for free, or for real money prizes.
The “tell a friend” promotion is also a way to earn more bonus money, which you’ll have to unlock the same way you release your sign-up bonus.


I was amazed by how many languages the Play65 site supports. They have Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, Norwegian, Arabic, Hebrew, German, French, Dutch, Danish, and a few more. There are actual versions of the site in all these languages, so it’s not just something put there so that the site should look good (I clicked on every one of those languages and checked it out).

Unique Features

When it comes to unique features, the first thing that comes to my mind is the sheer number of players Play65 gets. That alone is quite outstanding and unique too given the fact that I hardly think any other online backgammon room can match it.
Another unique feature is the tournament system that they have going at Play65. They have the largest cash prizes involved in these tournaments, and they have the Swing and the Knockout ones, which are pretty unique too.
Their “refer-a-friend” setup is also unique as far as the actual bonuses go, but the idea in itself is by no means original.
Bottom line is: the fact that it is by far the biggest online backgammon operation on the internet sets Play65 apart from any other backgammon room out there.


Naturally, a backgammon room like Play65 will pay extra attention to security. All your financial transactions, whether they’re directed towards or coming from Play65, enjoy 128 bit encryption and SSL algorithm protection. Basically, their encryption technology is on par with what the banks use nowadays, and transactions are much safer than most of the everyday knick-knacks you use your credit-card for.

Customer Support

Play65 will provide 24/7 support for you, via email, and – quite surprisingly – that’s the only support method I could locate. They claim to reply to enquiries within 24 hours, which is not exactly impressive, if you ask me. They have a separate email address for player and for affiliate problems, but, they expressly ask you to write all emails in English only.
The disclaimer at the bottom of their support page offers hope though, that they’ll provide assistance in other languages too, sometime in the future.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Play 65 supports a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options. PayPal (a pleasant surprise that this leading e-wallet is available here), Neteller, Moneybookers, Visa and MasterCard will land the money in your account in a matter of seconds, however, Wire Transfer or Western Union can take a whole day.


Play65 is really keen on security, both as far as financial transactions, and player accounts are concerned. In this respect, they only allow 1 user account per player per computer.
They also do their best to keep the software “clean”. They’re McAfee and certified in this sense..