Bodog Poker Bonus Code

Get $1000 Bonus Here

At first glance, Bodog’s first-deposit bonus looks like a downright stingy one compared to what other poker rooms offer. I remember I felt the same way when I first laid my eyes on it, but appearance is pretty damn misleading in this case. Remember, whenever you’re hunting for bonuses, the biggest mistake you can possible make is be enticed by some huge match on your first deposit without taking an in depth look backstage. That’s right. There are a bunch of factors that determine the value in a bonus, and the sheer amount is not one of them. 
You have to see how the bonus is unlocked, how much you have to play to have it unlocked, what the maximum limit to it is, and whether it will expire or not before you ever get a real chance to unlock it.

Bodog’s seemingly meager 110% match bonus up to $1100 on your first deposit hits the nail right on the head in most of those cases:

  • Your Bodog bonus will never expire. Take your time unlocking it, no need to get into foolish situations because of the rush. Keep calm and play your best, your bonus will wait for you.
  • Most online poker bonuses go into what poker rooms call your “bonus account” and they’re only released and transferred to your “real money account” once you’ve redeemed them. Your Bodog Poker bonus will be available for you the very second you deposit your money (well, in a few minutes anyway). You’ll be able to use it at the tables, in order to redeem it faster. That’s right. You will use the bonus itself to redeem the bonus. Of course, you won’t be allowed to cash out right away, (players would just walk out with the money then, wouldn’t they?) you’ll have to wait until you’ll have unlocked your bonus. If you do cash out, you’ll lose the bonus, simple as that.
  • Usually, bonuses which are unlocked in smaller lumps are the better ones because even if you don’t manage to unlock all of them, you’ll still end up with something when the deadline comes. Bodog’s bonus is unlocked in one big chunk, but since it never expires, that doesn’t really represent a problem for players. 
  • Bodog have recently changed their sign up bonus offer from 110% up to an unlimited amount, to a more reasonable 110% up to $1100. There are also 100% reload bonuses up to $500 which is a great way to turn your small stack into a huge one.
  • There is no bonus code to fumble around with, and you’ll have to generate 3 poker points per bonus dollar unlocked.
    Poker points can be earned by playing in real money cash games, tournaments, or simply by hanging around and playing (even if you play play-money tables). Basically you’ll be making $0.33/hour, just by being there. Talk about money for nothing.
    In cash games, you’ll have to generate between $1 and $3 rake to get a poker point, but if you rake less, you’ll still get credit. For 0.05-0.20 in rake, you still receive 0.10 poker points.

Generating APs in tournaments is even easier. For every dollar you pay out in tournament fees, you get 3 Poker Points, and given the fact that 3 Poker Points are required to unlock $1 of bonus, we may as well say, you get all your tournament fees back. 
Frankly, I don’t believe any poker room out there is going to make the unlocking of your bonus this easy for you.