PokerStop featuring Dozens of Exclusive Poker Freerolls in June

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As you may know, the best way to build an online poker bankroll without spending your own money involves playing in exclusive freerolls. Unlike open-entry freerolls, which allow anybody to play, exclusive poker freerolls restrict entry to a small number of players. The obvious advantage to this is that you're still playing for free poker money, yet there are fewer people competing for the cash.

How do Exclusive Poker Freerolls work?

Since we've established that exclusive freerolls are good because they offer real money and fewer players, the next matter involves how to enter these tournaments. In most cases, you can compete in exclusive poker freerolls through an affiliate site that's worked out deals with particular online poker sites.

Using PokerStop as an example, they've worked out deals with lots of different poker rooms, so they offer many different exclusive freeroll opportunities. In fact, PokerStop is giving players the chance to play in a number of these freerolls throughout the month of June, 2012 (see schedule below). 

Entering PokerStop Freerolls

While PokerStop clearly explains how to participate in their freerolls here, we thought that it was worth briefly explaining the process ourselves. The first step involves creating a PokerStop account so that you can receive the passwords for their exclusive poker freerolls. Once you have the password, you should download the site's software where you wish to play poker. From here, you simply need to enter the password and register for the freeroll tournament before it begins.

As we mentioned before, you'll have dozens of freeroll opportunities through PokerStop in June, so we highly recommend that you create an account at their site and take advantage of all these tournaments: