Europa Casino New Games

Get $2400 Bonus

Europa Casino Announces Four New Games:

21 Duel Blackjack - This new variation of blackjack has a simple goal – beat the dealer’s hand. 21 Duel Blackjack takes its inspiration from community card games (like poker’s Texas Hold’em), so the player and dealer have some shared cards. Betting options include a main bet and side bets.

Forest of Wonders - The Forest of Wonders is a huge Alice in Wonderland style 25-line video slot machine which incorporates 2 bonus rounds (awarding the player with either free spins or a cash prize) and the Dollar Ball side game. The bonus rounds award the player with free reel spins and the chance to pick 3 bonus symbols and be eligible for a prize. The player has 4 chances to pick the symbols.

Wanted - This is another 25-lines video slot machine that offers 2 bonus rounds and the Dollar Ball side game. This Wild West slot has everything a typical Western has to offer – bad guys, guns, explosives (dynamites, of course), and gold. The bonus rounds offer players a Villain Shooting Bonus and a Mini Bonus.

Wild Viking - This interesting table game incorporates features from two seemingly unrelated casino games – Poker and Roulette. Wild Viking is played with a typical 52-cards deck together with the two Jokers. Vikings is similar to roulette since the players can place typical roulette bets such as single number, single card, and specific suit bets (i.e. Spade, Heart, etc.). There are 3 other types of bets available: Poker Bets, Wild Viking bets, and Progressive Jackpot bets. A player that manages to reach the Wild Viking Royal Flush will win the jackpot.