StarGames Reel King Slots Review

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Reel King is a true Las Vegas-flavored slot machine, featuring symbols that will take players right back to the classic age of real live slots gambling. Other than its flavor though, this online slot game has little to do with Las Vegas. Having risen to notoriety in England’s fruit machine parlors as an actual slot machine (the Astra AWP), Reel King was turned into an online game by Novomatic, an Austrian gaming company and tossed out there reaching every nook and cranny of the global online gambling market, including the Netherlands .

The game has always been a popular one, and over the years, it has grown into a true online classic in Holland as well. There are very few seasoned Dutch online gamblers out there who do not know it.

The graphics of the game are deceivingly simple: the symbol set contains fruits, poker symbols and a wild as well as a jackpot symbol and that’s about it. There are no scatter symbols to confuse and to clog up the reels. The main reel-game is delightfully rewarding, featuring a generous win structure. The theme of the game seems to be a pre-revolution French one, which may seem puzzling at first glance, but which turns out to fit the overall package surprisingly well.

The reason for the popularity of the game among Dutch gamblers is that it has pretty much hit the perfect formula: it is simple, yet its simplicity does not translate into simplistic and boring action. In fact, the resulting action is superb, and the game will suck in beginners and seasoned slots players alike almost instantly.

The wild symbol substitutes all other symbols in a winning line. Despite the lack of scatter symbols, there is in fact a bonus round, quite a generous and exciting one at that. How exactly is the bonus triggered if there are no scatter symbols though? Indeed, Reel King has adopted a unique way to achieve this: as the 5 reels stop, five sounds are played. If these sounds are incremental, the bonus round is launched.

During the bonus round, 1-5 mini slot machines appear on the reels and they begin spewing cash until they hit a non-winner.

The game features a handsome jackpot as well as a decent secondary jackpot which represent 25x and 10x the player’s initial stake, respectively.

The bottom line: a true online casino classic, Reel King is a superb, must-play game for every rank-and-file gambler as well as for high rollers. The game’s apparent simplicity hides great depth and tons of exciting action.