Crazy 7 Slots Review

Get $200 Bonus

Crazy 7 slots is one of the wackiest games offered at online casinos since it features bright, colorful graphics and cartoon-like sound effects. As you can imagine, this all combines to create a fun and very enjoyable game for slots players. An added bonus to Crazy 7 is that it's really easy to pick up since there are just 3 reels and one payline. Plus the betting options are pretty straightforward, and let's take a look at those right now in this Crazy 7 slots review.

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Betting Options

The first thing worth noting about the betting in Crazy 7 slots is that players can wager anywhere from $0.01-$5.00 per coin. You should also know that three coins can be put on the single payline offered in this game, which makes for a max bet of $15. 


In regards to payouts, the lowest one is worth five coins, and it's made if you get three 7's of any kind to line up in the payline. The jackpot comes when you get three red 7's in the payline, and the different amounts you win are affected by the amount of coins used. Here is something that illustrates this:

1-coin jackpot win = 100 coins
2-coin jackpot win = 200 coins
3-coin jackpot win = 400 coins

The big thing to take away from this is that you gain a slight advantage by betting three coins instead of one or two. After all, your win only jumps up 100 coins when moving from a one-coin bet to a two-coin wager; however, your win jumps up 200 coins with a three-coin wager jackpot.

Verdict in Our Crazy 7 Slots Review

If you're looking to get rich while playing slots, then Crazy 7 isn't going to help you get there. However, if you're looking to have a good time while playing a truly entertaining game, it doesn't get much better than Crazy 7 slots. Also keep in mind that new slots players will certainly appreciate this game because it's so easy to jump into right away.