Tony G wins $2.5 Million Pot

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Tony Gouga recently won one of the biggest pots in poker history at the Czech Republic's King's Casino Rozvadov. He won €1.85 million (US$2,457,540) in a single hand while playing against his friend and King's Casino owner, Leon Tsoukernik. If you're interested in finding out more about this giant pot, you can check out the details below.

A Friendly Battle

Tony G and Tsoukernik have been playing high stakes poker sessions against each other for the past week. They began on February 15th with a €2,000/€4,000 Pot-Limit Omaha cash session. And Tsoukernik got the better of this matchup as he won €500,000 off of Gouga.

The next time that they met, Tony G was able to avenge his earlier loss. However, it wasn't looking like Gouga was going to be a winner after going down €1 million at one point. But he was able to turn a €300,000 profit in the end by winning the aforementioned huge pot.

How the Hand Happened

As for how the €1.85 million pot occurred, Gouga described the whole scene in detail by saying the following:

Basically, Leon just cracked it at the end and shoved it in blind. I ended up having aces (A-A-J-7), against jacks (J-J-6-7), I believe. We just decided to let the last hand run out and it got me out of the hole. Playing with the owner of the casino, Leon, it’s just a really great casino, and they take great care of me. It’s also been profitable on top of it. Leon’s a great guy, and I’m going back there in a couple days to start again.

The Start of Something Big

Seeing as how Tony G and Leon Tsoukernic have been playing lots of high stakes poker in the Czech Republic, it's a wonder if other star players will join them. After all, it doesn't sound like the big Macau games are as prevalent these days, and star players might gravitate to King's Casino if they're looking for big action.