Robbie Williams Poker Site Opens

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In addition to being the UK's top selling music act and a constant tabloid target, Robbie Williams is adding something new to his resume: opening an online poker site. The pop star's site is called, and it's being billed as a free poker room. The front page of RobbieWilliamsPoker states this with the following line, "This is NOT a Gambling Offer. You play in all games with virtual game money with no value."

Not So Free Poker

The twist in the site is that another page clearly states, "Many tournaments require a buy-in to participate…because if you aren’t risking anything then why are you playing!?" That said, Robbie Williams' room is not entirely free since there are real money poker tournaments.

Now this might not be such a big deal, but the fact that Williams' name is attached to the room makes it a much bigger deal. Sadly, some people are using RobbieWilliamsPoker as a chance to attack both the singer and the game of poker.

Fan Outrage

Robbie Williams has experienced a lot of personal problems throughout his otherwise successful music career. He's battled drug addiction and depression over the years, which his fans are clearly aware of. 

Unfortunately, some of these fans are trying to create a link between his former addictions and the new poker site. A fan wrote on his page, "Taking advantage of vulnerable people for financial gain does not sit right with me." Noted British politician Tessa Munt also spoke about the matter by saying, "I’m outraged by this. It directly targets his fans, including children. The money he makes should go to addiction charities."
Moving past the negativity surrounding this online poker site, it will be interesting to see if Robbie Williams experiences success with his newest venture. Assuming the poker room is even close to his music career, which includes 70 million records sold, Williams should have no trouble attracting players to the site.