Rafael Nadal wins Online Poker Tournament

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Last year, PokerStars completed one of the biggest signings in online poker history when they inked a deal with Rafael Nadal. "The King of Clay" is truly one of the greatest tennis players of all-time since he's won 11 Grand Slam titles, a record-seven French Open titles and an Olympic gold medal.

Despite his impressive accomplishments on the tennis court, Nadal had yet to do much in the poker world since signing with PokerStars. However, Rafa recently changed this after collecting his first poker tournament win at Stars. Here's a look at the tourney he won along with how much money he earned for the victory.

Every Win counts

We should mention right away that Nadal didn't take down the Sunday Million or anything close to one of PokerStars' biggest events. Instead, he beat out a 47-player field to win a €10 freezeout tournament. This earned Rafa a €152.40 payout, which won't even cover his electric bill for the month.

However, this victory is about far more than the money to Nadal. After all, he's relatively new to online poker and spends the bulk of his time playing tennis. So to come out and actually win an online poker tournament has to be sweet.

Looking into the Future

Now that Nadal has a tourney title under his belt, it's worth discussing what we can expect from him moving forward. Well for starters, we can probably expect to see Rafa grinding in a lot more tourneys and cash games at Stars. He's been steadily playing over the past few months while competing in events like the Spanish Championship of Online Poker.

We might possibly see Nadal represent Stars in some live tournaments too - although the jury is out on this thought. After all, he plays a very taxing tennis schedule, so the Spaniard might only have time for internet poker right now.