Prince Harry spotted in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas has always been a hotspot for celebrities since it offers plenty of entertainment options, and the celebs can walk around without being mobbed. Perhaps this was a major reason why Britain's Prince Harry chose to make Sin City his hangout this past week.

Prince Harry is in the United States to undergo training during his service in the British Army Air Corps. Seeing as how he's not far from Las Vegas, Harry decided to travel to the bettor's paradise to play blackjack, go clubbing, and watch some Vegas shows.

As for the gambling tables, Prince Harry didn't add anything to the British Royal Family's wealth after losing over $200 at the Wynn Las Vegas. However, Harry isn't exactly known as a blackjack pro so he was fine with the losses. In fact, he seemed more impressed with the free drinks he got while playing blackjack.

Another big highlight of the 27-year-old's night out in Vegas was a trip to Nightclub XS. Located in the Wynn Encore area, this trendy club proved to be very entertaining for Prince Harry and his group. As People Magazine wrote, "Monday morning, the same place he partied at the previous night, the fun-loving prince relaxed in a VIP table away from the dance floor, listening to a deejay set by the Manufactured Superstars. Harry sipped a vodka cocktail, while a group of eight people – four men, two women, two security guards – at his table drank from bottles of Grey Goose and Dom Perignon, Coors Light beers and Fiji water."

In addition to all of the clubbing and casino gaming, Prince Harry also managed to watch the famous Cirque Du Soleil performance of "O". This aquatic stage show was quite to Harry's liking, and he reportedly gave it a big ovation afterward. All in all, it seemed like Prince Harry enjoyed himself quite a bit in Las Vegas.