PokerStars 100th Billionth Hand Winner and Housewife wants to be a Poker Pro

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From Grecian housewife to poker pro - at least that is what Greece's Isidora Panagiotopoulou is trying to achieve. “I am a housewife trying to become a part-time professional poker player,” Panagiotopoulou said. “My sister-in-law is also in the same situation as I am and we will try and make it as professional players. I have been playing poker for a long time with friends and my husband, but I only recently decided to take it seriously and try to make some steady profit from it.”
It’s safe to say that Panagiotopoulou is off to a great start after winning the 100th billionth hand at PokerStars, earning $103,800 in the process. Panagiotopoulou was more than happy to receive the money since her family really needs it. 
"The way things are with the financial crisis, the money is extremely important.” She added,“This money came out of nowhere and it will help us accomplish lots of our goals. We have lots of financial obligations to settle and this money will help a lot. It also gives us time to think about our options. I would like to use some of it to start playing poker professionally.” 
Panagiotopoulou was among 400,000 players hoping to be dealt into the 100 billionth hand back in June. While playing behind her online handle “microulis69," Panagiotopoulou used courageous strategy to maximize her odds of winning. She multi-tabled 18 micro stakes, No-Limit Texas Hold’em tables in in an effort to win Hand Number 100 billion. After 90 minutes of playing, her dreams came true when she was dealt the 100 billionth hand.
The winning hand for “microulis69” was Jd-5d, and it came on a $0.02/$0.05 table. The other five grinders at her table split $65,560 between them. From the $1,000,000 total jackpot, there were 9,471 other players grinding at the time who shared a collective $830,740.