World Series of Poker 2009 - News Rules for WSOP 2009

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The rule getting the most attention is rule 30, the Code of Player Conduct for the 2009 WSOP. The text in its first part requires all players to adhere to the rules of fair play and not to take part in cheating of any form, whilst the second part of the text deals with good and civil conduct. The idea of such a rule was bought in last year, when the "Hevad Khan Rule" was adopted to curtail over-enthusiastic celebration. The new rule goes further however, in that it prohibits the use of any fowl language, whether it is directed at an individual or muttered to oneself! The rules go on to lay out the type of punishment anyone forfeiting them may face, and this may include forfeiting of chips, prizes, or physical removal from the tournament or premises, or a future ban on the tournament.

Sponsorship and logos are the other area of big change in the 2009 rules book. The news rules can be pretty much summarized as such; no temporary tattoos or skin adhesives are allowed with promotional logos or language; no more than 3 players at a televised table can have the same sponsorship logo – should there be more than 3 players with the same sponsors they can either agree amongst themselves, or the officials will use a high-card to determine who can sport the logos.

Additional, minor changes include a no-less than 2 minute waiting period on clock calling; chatter about hands during heads-up play is acceptable so long as there is no collusion; only bottle water is allowed at the table for refreshments; events beginning at 5 pm will have a one hour break before the fifth level; non-televised events will not have to play after 3 am on a second day and if it does need to, play will continue at 1 pm the day after; several minutes before the close of play each day a player will be selected to draw a card to determine how many more hands will be played that day.